Sale of the century?

Andy Munro looks at the state of proposed bids for Birmingham City.

As a regular attendee at Blues matches for over sixty years, for the first time in many seasons I am optimistic, even after the last few years of purgatory, given the apparent willingness of the current board to finally call time on their reign.

There appear to be three serious bids for the club but I can only see one that has any attraction. That is because one of the others is the questionable David Sullivan return, supposedly financing an even more questionable character in the shape of Laurence Bassini, former Watford chairman, twice bankrupt and past recipient of an EFL ban preventing him from owning a league club. The other proposed bid is a gradual (and probably painfully long-winded) staged takeover.

That leaves one ‘proper’ offer on the table, and if a bid below £40 million buys the ground back and leaves a bit of money for player investment then that’s a bonus. Just let’s hope that before the deal goes through, the board don’t try to cash in by selling our future and making a fast buck on Jordan James, Jobe Bellingham and any other promising young player who isn’t nailed down.