Blues beached at Blackpool

Losing 6-1 to Blackpool is the least of Andy Munro’s worries.

You would think that there were enough donkeys in Blackpool but the Blues team obviously thought otherwise.

Can it get any worse than being hit for six by a mid+table championship side?
Lee Bowyer’s insistence on playing three at the back and using two reluctant wingbacks both nullifies the talent of those players and also leaves us vulnerable. In midfield Ryan Woods looked like a little boy lost and although Ivan Sunjic scored his distribution is woeful.

Playing two centre forwards up front was never going to work and this tactical shambles has to be laid at the door of a certain Mr L. Bowyer.

I’m long in the tooth and have seen a few highlights, such as a European tour and a Carling Cup win but my fear is that young fans just want success and they will be driven away from supporting the Blues.

Decrepit ground, anonymous and arrogant Board, an increasingly desperate manager and a team of loanees. It ain’t looking good as our current boss might say.

Maybe go for Sean Dyche or even give Troy Deeney a try first. Either way, play the youngsters and see if they can cut the mustard.

Finally, if I had gone to Blackpool I would have invested some money into lettered rock with the final score stamped through it, ordered a dozen sticks then taken it into the away dressing room and stuck it somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.