Dance Hub Birmingham Investment Programme proposals needed

Call out for artists and organisations with a focus on making a step change for dance.

The Dance Hub Birmingham Strategic Investment Programme is now open for proposals. The Investment Programme aims to invest £500,000 in a diverse range of projects that make dance a vibrant and resilient contributor to the economic life of Birmingham and the West Midlands, achieving significant long-term benefits.

DHB seeks to grow a true partnership spirit, building on decades of dance achievement in Birmingham and the wider region, and positioning this as a globally significant area for dance.

Application Round 1 is now open for proposals for a minimum of £30,000 which will be expected to generate added value from other sources and bring together multiple partners in order to make a significant step change for the sector.

The deadline for applications is 28th February 2022. Further Application Round deadlines are on 26th September 2022 and 27th February 2023.

DHB is particularly looking for proposals that embrace and intersect across more than one of the four investment priorities; bring together multiple partners in new and unexpected collaborations; are from a diverse range of companies working in dance practices and styles, representative of the wider cultural community; and have national and/or international significance.

Christopher Rodriguez, One Dance UK (Current DHB Steering Group Chair) said: “The current strand of the Investment Programme is an important opportunity for dance artists and organisations to collaborate and explore imaginative ways to develop dance in Birmingham and the West Midlands with innovation and daring. I am very excited to see the Investment Programme materialise.”

DHB encourage larger organisations to consult with local artists in order to bring people and ideas together and for local artists to be meaningfully engaged. Proposals are welcomed which engage with partners outside dance, however dance must be the focus.

There will be an Online Information Session for anyone interested in applying to the programme on Wednesday 5 January. For the full criteria, and details on how to join the Online Information Session and apply to the programme please visit or contact Charlotte Mackie (DHB Project Manager) on