Carols and capers at Birmingham Town Hall

Local singers to join with folk legend.

Legendary folk singer Maddy Prior joins up once again with the Carnival Band during the festive season for their unique celebratory show Carols & Capers on a tour that will be visiting Birmingham Town Hall on Wednesday 22nd December. Together they mix renaissance, modern and ethnic instruments with a refreshing cavalier attitude and plenty of humour putting their inimitable stamps on a range of familiar and not-so-familiar festive fare. This will guarantee to be a Christmas party to remember.

The Carnival Choir is formed with local singers to each concert. They are chosen and rehearsed during workshops held for this specific event. At the workshop Andy Watts, the founder of The Carnival Band, will teach tunes, harmony lines and descants to 5 or 6 items from the band’s extensive seasonal repertoire.

At the concert these special choral arrangements will be added to Maddy’s lead vocal and the band’s unique instrumental accompaniment, with one or two items featuring the choir on their own. When not on stage, the choir will enjoy the rest of the performance from specially reserved seats in the auditorium.

Of all the festive traditions, few have stood the test of time better than the Christmas carol. Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band know this more than most, having been inspired by the music of Christmas for the past twenty-five years. Now and for the first time, the very best of these have been brought together on one album. The Best of Maddy Prior and The Carnival Band collects twenty-two tracks from across their career. Along the way you will find a mixture of the familiar and the less well-known, all presented in a most unique style.

With an extensive experience in folk, medieval, world and classical music between them, the singer and players guide us to exquisite places, telling the Christmas story in a variety of ways.