Cadbury World unveils spooktacular Halloween masterpiece

Chocolatiers produce terrifyingly tasty creation.

Cadbury World’s chocolatiers have revealed a frighteningly fang-tastic creation to celebrate Halloween.

Produced by Dawn Jenks and Donna Oluban over three days, the spooktacular chocolatey masterpiece weighs around 10kg – the equivalent of 222 standard bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

The attraction’s talented chocolatiers worked with solid milk chocolate to shape the wicked witch’s figure, which stands at 90cm tall. Melted chocolate was filled into a piping bag to shape the witch’s distinctive hat, before being secured to the witch’s head with melted chocolate.

Dawn and Donna created the dress by hand-sculpting milk chocolate into place, before hand-piping melted chocolate mixed with black coloured cocoa butter directly onto the dress to produce the all-over vintage pattern. The witch is ready to take to the skies on her ghostly broom stick, with the chocolatiers adding a layer of bronze lustre to complete the look.

Bronze lustre was also dusted across the cloak to create a creepy glow, and the chocolatiers added intricate detailing around the edge of the back of the cape to produce an additional spooky touch.

Hand-crafted rust-coloured chocolate leaves have also been scattered across the ground to create an autumnal scene.

The final flourish comes from the witch’s green shoes, choker gem and spine-chilling fingernails, which were all created out of solid milk chocolate before being dusted with edible green glitter for the ultimate spooky effect.

The ghostly masterpiece is on display in Cadbury World’s Chocolate Making zone until Sunday 31st October as part of the attraction’s annual Halloween celebrations, where families are invited to experience plenty of fang-tastic fun with Halloween-themed entertainment throughout half term.

Diane Mitchell, marketing manager at Cadbury World, said: “Dawn and Donna are renowned for creating some of our creepiest Halloween chocolate creations, and they’ve definitely continued this tradition with this year’s spooktacular sight!

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to Cadbury World, and are excited for guests to see our terrifyingly tasty chocolate creation in-person throughout the spooky season!”

Families can enjoy live entertainment in the attraction’s marquee in Freddo’s Ghoulish Gameshow until Sunday 31st October, and sink their teeth into the amazing world of Cadbury through an assortment of chocolatey zones this Halloween.

What’s more, there will be a range of spookily good treats in The World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop including the unmissable exclusive hand-crafted chocolate pumpkins.

All entertainment is included in the standard ticket price. Pre-booking for Cadbury World this Halloween is essential; for more information and to book tickets visit