A tale of two managers

Blues go down 3-0 to Bristol City as Andy Munro grows ever-more disappointed.

Nigel Pearson would have been more than a few people’s choice as Blues manager post-Clotet, and he showed why as his Bristol City team cruised past a hapless (yet again) Blues.

Not much can be said about the match apart from Kristian Pedersen reverting to his nightmare form, Marc Roberts and Harlee Dean pedestrian to the extreme, Rekeem Harper and Ivan Sunjic showing woeful distribution and Scott Hogan hitting the woodwork when it looked easier to score. Only Alen Halilovic and Jeremie Bela (more than coincidentally two of our most talented players) emerged with any credit.

Meanwhile, Aitor Karanka is quoted as saying “no chance” when being asked about resignation, which shows maybe he’s not such a nice guy after all, as he seems to have no pride or feeling for club and fans when it’s a matter of holding out for a mammoth pay off. If we go down, as we surely will with him at the helm, I truly hope that he never gets a job in football again.

Behind him is Xuandong Ren who is seeming like a rabbit caught in headlights as he knows that he faces the sack if his protege goes and then his only option is probably a job in a wet market back in Beijing. Yet surely, even he can see that his lack of action will take us down. If there’s a Chinese junk version of the Titanic then he’s undoubtedly at the helm.

As a postscript , it was painful to hear Dean mumbling on Radio WM’s ‘honest’ interview that maybe the players, including himself, aren’t good enough. I actually think he would be proved wrong on that if the manager was changed, but Dean’s faltering admission is no way for a captain to set any sort of example. I thought captains and managers were supposed to lead by example, although perhaps maybe they are given our parlous state.