Turning defeat into victory

After Blues are beaten by Millwall Andy Munro finds a positive.

Surely Aiator Karanka has got to be sacked now. The performance against Millwall was bad enough, but given Karanka’s comments that it will be difficult to turn things around, his position simply has to be untenable.

It was not the sort of inspiring leadership that Blues need in this time St Andrewsof crisis. Hopefully Dong Ren will fall on his sword as well. The club’s CEO has already partly achieved this, having angered the board with his ‘rash’ financial predictions.

On the basis that we don’t spend a couple of months desperately looking for a ‘name’ to appoint on a lucrative five year contract, maybe a sort, sharp appointment of somebody like Nigel Pearson or Paul Cook will be secured with a modest one year contract and a massive bonus payment if they keep us up.

Of course, if we fiddle around and go down/into administration (possibly one and the same thing), I’d take that all day long to get rid of this current ownership. The likes of Leeds, Southampton and Wolves have all been there and used it as a springboard to land in the Premier League, even though admittedly Sunderland and Ipswich haven’t found the going easy.

Either way, a relegation doomsday scenario might mean a brand new owner buying the club for comparative peanuts and even if I’m dreaming that’s all that’s left for most Bluenoses when the current reality is the stuff of nightmares.

There’s no point in dwelling on the match other than to say Karanka decides to play two up front (hurrah!) and then drops both our talented wingers (boo!)…. beam me up Scotty!