Same old etc…

Blues go down 2-0 at home to Blackburn Rovers. Andy Munro keeps right on.

Blues suffered another ignominious defeat, and while it was a slight improvement that wouldn’t be hard after a couple of four goal thrashings – one by a Derby side who were subsequently put in their place by a struggling Sheffield Wednesday.

Apart from Neil Etheridge, Maikel Kleftenbeld and maybe Ivan Sunjic, the team were generally clueless, particularly in the opposition’s final third. In fact, it now seems quite an achievement for them to be far enough up the pitch to win a corner never mind score. Quite frankly, to see the likes of Ivan Sanchez, potentially our most effective attacking player, running backwards rather than forwards is criminal in footballing terms.

Meanwhile Aitor Karanka is behaving like the Tinkerman on acid and to make seven changes, three out of four in the backline, against one of the division’s top scoring teams, was suicide. Predictably Dack and Armstrong both netted – these being two players, incidentally, who didn’t cost Blackburn an arm and a leg.

The Blues board must take a major share of the blame for our precarious predicament and the signing of a load of what were basically free transfers has been a mistake. They were free for a reason. Halovic, the next Messi (?!) and McGree (the next Cahill?!). Bit of a doubt there, I’d say.

However, the buck must stop first at Karanka. He seems a nice guy and I would hope that he’s decent enough to walk of his own volition after five defeats in six. If he does, then I’d like to see a no-nonsense manager brought in. We need someone like Paul Cook, who has made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear at Wigan.