No need for a Rams raid

Blues are beaten by Derby County with Andy Munro looking on.

A ‘ram raid’ suggests a quick manoeuvre but this was more of a ninety minute Rams exercise, in outrunning, outclassing and outthinking then finally demoralising a Blues opposition playing like condemned men.

It was quite frankly embarrassing to watch, with a combination of poor defending and easil-preventable goals allied to a contrived and powder puff approach in the opposition half.

Neil Etheridge, who might be considered one of our better signings, is now making elementary mistakes and in front of him Harley Dean is defending like a kamikaze pilot. The full backs are little better while Bela is disappearing up his proverbial – and that’s just a few of the lowlights.

At the risk of this becoming a mantra, poor defending, tortuous and predictable attacking play and a complete lack of confidence has to be laid at the door of the manager. Whilst Aitor Karanka seems a decent bloke, he is quickly becoming a managerial equivalent of Manuel from Fawlty Towers as he seeks to crassly defend our string of disastrous results.

It was noticeable that Karanka was seen to be continually scribbling notes as the goals went in but whether that was notes on the game or a draft of a resignation letter remains to be seen.