Karankie’s korner

More scribbled-out words found in the St Andrews manager’s office wastebin.

You Azules will have seen my comment about the individual mistakes muy malo by player. Okay, I make changes for the game because the player, they get tired but how was I to know that San Jose, he don’ know the way. Maybe it was because we have big helping of paella the night before at his casa, talking about the old times.

It still remain a mystery to me why we lose so many game when we start off like your HS2 train against my old amigos. Yet as soon as we concede the equaliser, the player they wave the flag blanco. Nada confidence and nada winning consistency but who is responsible. Be sure I will not rest until I find that person.

In fact, things got so bad , I nearly bring on an attacking player. Yet, we are still six points away from relegation and only double that away from the promotion so, to me, there is no panic on the streets of Bordesley.

You know, at the moment I feel mucho loco but I still love all my player because unfortunately I sign most of them!

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