Feeling Stressed? Some Simple Ways To Be Calmer In 2021

Work towards a better new year.

This year has had a terrible impact on all our mental health. The statistics when it comes to mental health are pretty shocking, if hardly surprising. It’s been a year of tremendous uncertainty when it comes to our health, our jobs, our finances and our loved ones. We’ve been locked down and sent home, we’ve seen our friends and family over video calls rather than met them out for a drink or gone to their house for dinner, and we’ve sat at home and wondered if we’ll still be employed in the months to come. So, if you’re feeling a lot more stressed than you did in 2019, the two most important things to remember are: you’re not alone, and there are things you can do to help relieve some of that worry. Here are a few simple steps to help loosen those shoulder muscles.

Cut Down On Caffeine And Sugar
While it can feel like the natural thing to do to reach for another cup of coffee or a sugary treat when you’re feeling stressed out, try to resist that impulse. First of all, caffeine is a stimulant and raises your heartrate, so overdoing it will result in you actually feeling more jittery and tightly wound. The caffeine crash is also very real, and when you come down from a caffeine high, what do you feel like doing? That’s right, having more caffeine. The same is true of sugar, and chasing that sugar rush throughout the day will result in lethargy later on.

Try To Limit Your Alcohol Intake
Much like caffeine, it can feel tempting to treat yourself with a drink or two…or three when you’re feeling like everything is getting too much. However, bad habits formed when you’re feeling low always get worse, and it will get harder and harder to break them when you find that they’re doing more than harm than good. The UK, for example, has seen a drastic rise in dangerous alcohol consumption levels this year, and relying on alcohol only ever makes things worse. It’s OK to treat yourself but try and find healthier reward systems before you find yourself in trouble.

Try Some Natural Mood Lifters
More and more people are giving natural supplements a chance as a way to brighten their day without relying on caffeine or other addictive substances. Studies have shown that CBD oil can help relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety when taken as part of a healthy programme, and they don’t contain the THC element of the cannabis plant that makes it a narcotic. There are a variety of CBD oil options available that can help with stress, pain and various other issues, and you can visit Handpicked CBD to read up on the most popular choices.

Get Your Body And Mind Moving
There are very few shortcuts to feeling less stressed than exercise, fresh air and sunshine. It can be difficult to feel like you have the time to get outside when everything is piling up, but carving out even a small time in your daily routine to get your heartrate up and fill your lungs with air from outside your home makes a tremendous difference. If leaving your home isn’t an option, there are plenty of video tutorials to help you work out, stretch and centre yourself. And remember, if things feel unmanageable, there are always professionals you can reach out to. Consult your GP if you feel like things are getting too much.