HS2 protestors set up camp in trees

Fradley Wood Tree protectors preventing HS2 from felling woodland.

This Tuesday 3rd November, three activists have moved into trees in Fradley wood, next to the Trent and Mersey Canal near Fradley Junction. They are planning on staying there to protect the trees from being cut down.

HS2 had planned to fell the trees this week to make way for the construction of a bridge over the canal but have been thwarted by protestors at the unfenced site.

Many people come to enjoy the wood and the canalside, especially at the weekend. “It’s a lovely place. Shame it’s only of value to some impoverished souls after it’s been destroye,” says Chris, a local resident.

Campaigners have recently witnessed owls and deer in the wood, and are worried about the impact HS2 is going to have on the local wildlife, especially with so much woodland along Wood End Lane being destroyed to make way for the project.

Over the last few weeks, protestors have come almost every day to these woods to peacefully disrupt HS2 work. On multiple occasions, they have stopped the work for several hours. They are happy to have the support of the protectors who have taken up residence in the trees. Jag is one of them: “This is what we do. We’ve just come down to support you guys,” he said.

More local residents are joining the protests every day and the Facebook group Stop HS2 Staffordshire to show their support to those protecting the woodlands from HS2.