Chairboys are the chairmen

Andy Munro watches Blues go down at home to Wycombe Wanderers.

Blues turned in a second half performance at home to Wycombe wanderers that was lacking in energy, and paid the price as their lead was turned into a morale-sapping defeat against the bottom club who, quite frankly, bossed proceedings after the break.

It’s difficult not to fall into the trap of praising Aitor Karanka when we win and then saying he’s rubbish and a tactical dunce when we lose. However, there are a few observations that are worth making.

Firstly, the continual rotation of our team may be good for fresh legs (although you could have fooled me, given our lacklustre second half display) but it does nothing for understanding in the team.

However, the second and most important point is the reluctance to make substitutes that change a pattern of play rather than just an uninspiring like for like. Karanka doesn’t seem much of a risk taker but despite this disappointing loss I’m still expecting him to steer us in an unexciting way to an unexciting mid-table position.

As soon as Wycombe brought on more attacking players with new energy we should have done the same, if not before, but instead we gave them the momentum and the end result was predictable. Very few players came out with real credit apart from Marc Roberts and Jeremie Bela with the rest at best in the mediocre category.

It was a disappointing evening, but that’s something that us Bluenoses are used to by now.