Birmingham comedy duo launch satirical news podcast

The 2 Jonnies’ latest venture sees launch of satirical news podcast Todayful.

A hilarious news podcast scripted by Birmingham comedy sensation The 2 Jonnies, has launched this week, aiming to give people a much needed laugh in these difficult times.

Bringing the day’s news delivered with humour, Todayful shares the top stories and headlines from voice actor Matthew Keylock.

Script writing comedy duo The 2 Jonnies aka Jon Hickman and Jon Bounds, author of the book 101 Things Birmingham Gave the World, wrote Todayful for people who want to stay informed with the news, but would like it delivered with a dose of classic British humour.

The show’s exclusive trailer offers a sneak peak of what’s to come. Topics include Brexit and the warning to prepare for an Australian-style deal “where everything is on fire, people shout all the time, and there are deadly spiders under the toilet seat”, as well as coronavirus lockdown rule confusion “where in Cornwall, people must put jam on top of their mask, in Devon under it.”

Todayful covers everything from sport, entertainment and world news too, and is now available to download for free on Podiant, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

With many theatres and live entertainment venues still closed because of coronavirus, Todayful aims to take comedy online to help the industry survive.

To support the industry further, Podiant is giving budding comedians free hosting on its UK based podcasting platform until 1st January 2021, saving nearly £20! To claim the introductory offer, visit Podiant, enter the code TODAYFUL at the checkout by 8th November.