Landmark for local food suppliers

West Midlands family business celebrates seventieth anniversary.

West Midlands family business, MKG Foods, is celebrating its seventieth year in business and its continued growth, having weathered the coronavirus crisis.

Initially founded in 1950 by Lewis Mayling, MKG Foods has grown to be the West Midlands’ number one foodservice provider. The business is now run by second and third generations of the Mayling family, and employs over 100 people, supplying more than 1500 different products to hundreds of establishments across the region.

Over the years MKG Foods has formed partnerships with some of the most recognised organisations in the Midlands, including Birmingham City Football Club, University of Birmingham and Warwick University, and has become established as a trusted supplier across numerous sectors including the care home, hospitality and catering industries.

During the coronavirus pandemic, MKG Foods found new ways of diversifying to serve the needs of the wider public and help boost the economy, including the launch of its own home delivery service and a dedicated app to enable independent pubs and restaurants across the region to resume trading after lockdown.

Philip Mayling, director of MKG Foods, said: “It means a lot to us to be celebrating this significant milestone and continuing our success despite the challenges 2020 has presented.

“Over the years we have strategically managed our size and kept our core values at the centre of all decisions and, as a result, we have been able to maintain a strong family ethos within the business.

“So many foodservice companies chase turnover and, whilst this is easy to do short term, you can end up becoming more and more removed from the day to day operations. We have been careful not to trade long term security for short term profit and I think this has been integral to the longevity of the business.

“We look forward to continuing to serve key industries across the West Midlands and maintaining our position as the region’s leading supplier by continuing to offer a quality and reliable service for both new customers and existing loyal partners.”