It’s squeaky Brum time again

Blues’ two-nil defeat at Preston leaves Andy Munro saddened and annoyed.

I’ll always be a Blues fan but currently, I’ve almost had all the enthusiasm knocked out of me such is the depressing state of affairs.

Yet again, it’s down to the last match after a meek two goal surrender to Preston but it shouldn’t have come to this. The St Andrewsteam on paper (Harlee Dean apart) aren’t a bottom four side but, thanks to poor decision making and, at times, unwarranted interference at management level, they’ve got us into this situation.

A consolation might be that Leeds, Wolves, Southampton and the Sheffield sides are all in fine fettle despite previously being relegated out of the Championship. However, my big fear is that the faceless Chinese will take the money from Jude Bellingham and then put the club Wigan-style into administration. That way, they will be able to write off the massive debts their poor management has caused.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for that worry I wouldn’t really care if we went down and, if we do, I would get in Ian Holloway because I just want to enjoy following the Blues again, like I did during the Bazza Fry era.

We might still get out of it but I can’t see us getting any more points and it’s down to what others do against teams who now have nothing to play for – just like Derby. The difference is that Charlton and Luton are currently playing a darn sight better than the Blues.