Birmingham food business donates food to key workers

Chop & Wok give £10,000 thank you to emergency staff.

Popular pan-Asian takeaway and restaurant Chop & Wok, announced in April, that it was giving all frontline emergency workers 50% off purchases, as a thank you for their hard work during the pandemic.

The brand announced the offer, which is part of its #ThankYouKeyworkers online campaign, with this message: “Thank you to all of the NHS staff who are on the front-line, risking their own health, to save lives. That’s why we are offering all NHS health workers 50% Off using code KYWRK50.”

A Chop & Wok spokesperson, said “Over the last few months, we have provided keyworkers including NHS workers, the Police and Fire Services with over £10,000 worth of discounts when ordering from Chop & Wok. We have also donated food too our local hospitals, to say thank you to all those who are on the front line, risking their lives every day.”

With the government’s decision to ease lockdown restrictions, Chop & Wok have announced that it will continue to operate most of its franchises as takeaway services, as a way to reduce crowds and mitigate against the risk of spreading COVID-19.

A Chop & Wok spokesperson, “We will be operating mainly as a takeaway business, with our seating areas closed. We will continue to reinforce our strict hygiene standards and do everything we can to look after our team members and our customers.”

This is not the first time that Chop & Wok has supported the NHS. In 2006 they were awarded a Healthy Choices Award from Birmingham City Council for their menu, which is aimed at attracting people to their contemporary fusion concept food, while maintaining a balanced diet to aid their well-being.