Beau Brummie mauled by Terriers

Blues go down 3-0 at home to Hudddersfield. Andy Munro reports.

Blues were comprehensively and worryingly outplayed on Wednesday night by a Hudeersfield side that lived up to their Terriers nickname by their constant chasing and harrying.

It didn’t help that, yet again, we started off with the pace of a carthorse when the opposition were in racehorse mode. Maybe Pep Clotet is too nice because, call me old school, but as a manager I would have read the riot act beforehand to galvanise the players and ensure that we started on the front foot after the dismal opening session against Hull.

Nobody covered themselves with glory but, to me, the main culprit was Harlee Dean. At the moment, he’s playing more like the captain of the Titanic and his reckless foul that led to the penalty was unforgivable.

We may well end up thanking the EFL for giving Wigan a twelve point deduction, although with their form I wouldn’t bet against them surviving. Our next game is away to Fulham so we are right back in the relegation mix with Barnsley playing like Barcelona and Luton playing like Lazio. Certainly Roberts and Sunjic need to return to stiffen up our defence and midfield.

Finally, somebody needs to be made accountable for the early departure of the likes of Mrabti and Maghoma, leaving us devoid of attacking options. To compound this, Pep’s public announcement that he was leaving at the end of the season is hardly a motivation for the players to play for and take notice of their manager.

Only at the Blues…..!