Artrix arts centre to close

22 jobs lost as Bromsgrove venue forecd to cease trading.

Further evidence of the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on the region’s leisure industry has come with news that Bromsgrove’s Artrix arts centre has ceased trading from today, with the loss of more than twenty jobs. The charity that runs the centre has been in talks with senior officers from Bromsgrove District Council, which leases the building to the charity, since last year, looking at options to secure financial investment.

But the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic on the fragile recovery of Artrix, means the venue must cease trading, or risk trading illegally. A statement issued by the centre’s trustees revealed that they were still facing overheads of £10,000 per month despite having no daily income.

Angela Galvin, Director of Artrix said: “This is devastating news for the whole amazing Artrix family – our small but mighty team of paid staff who are losing the jobs to which they have dedicated themselves with such passion and vigour for so long, and our wonderful volunteers who have given thousands of hours to supporting our work, because they believe in what Artrix stands for. We thank our staff and volunteers for everything.

“Our hearts also go out to those who have bought tickets and made donations, the social and family groups, the carers, the artists, the workshop leaders and participants, and the local businesses who are part of the Artrix family and who will all feel the impact of our closure. Over the past fifteen years we have shown there is a need for an arts centre in Bromsgrove, the need is still there, the goodwill is still there. We sincerely believe that when this extraordinary situation is over an arts centre for Bromsgrove will rise again.”

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  1. How on earth could they justify a staff of 22 to run this business? No wonder it has gone under.

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