Blues put through their hoops

Andy Munro reports back from Blues’ 2-2 draw at QPR.

Blues’ record at QPR isn’t the best and with Rangers recovering some form after a bad run, this was always going to be a nip and tuck game.

Scott Hogan yet again proved his worth with a well-taken brace but equally important was a robust display again by the dynamic duo in the middle, Sunjic and Gardner.

The game could easily have swung either way in a laughably long eight minute stoppage time, and certainly Blues were denied a stonewall penalty when Hogan was clearly fouled in the area.

The trouble is that Pep’s understandable referee rant is coming back to bite us on the posterior as undoubtedly the word will have gone around the referees’ locker rooms amongst a bunch who are as thick as thieves…the latter being the appropriate tag as we’ve certainly been robbed of at least half a dozen points by poor decisions.

Notwithstanding that, Lee Camp again distinguished himself while those in front of him repelled all boarder s although however well Harlee Deane has played in the last couple of games, I’ll be glad to see Clarke-Salter back in the line up.

However, most concerning was seeing the sight of the talented Bela being stretchered off after precious little protection from the referee. Let’s hope that it doesn’t end up being a season-ending injury but it didn’t look good..

However, a win at home to Reading will take us past the ‘magic’ fifty point mark, so here’s hoping!