Plans launched to completely rebuild Reaside Academy

Government funding to enable new school to act as community hub.

Proposals for the multi-million pound transformation project have been approved by Birmingham City Council.

Reaside Academy is one of twelve schools within the University of Wolverhampton Multi-Academy Trust. The academy is benefiting from a share of £2 billion government cash, through the Priority School Building Programme. This will see about 280 schools around the country being either upgraded or replaced.

The plans will see Reaside Academy completely rebuilt on the site, and the one-storey building could open as soon as next year.

Plans for Reaside Academy show that the ground floor will be used for all classes, library, hall and administration space. All ground floor classrooms have direct access to the existing and new shared external play areas.

The building is positioned and organised so that the administration and main entrance facilitates the existing site entrance and existing pedestrian access to create a direct, safe and dedicated approach to the school.

Professor Michelle Shaw, CEO of the Trust said, “The rebuild of the school will be a major asset to the Trust and the Reaside community. We are very excited that it will provide a fantastic new learning environment for our pupils”.

Headteacher, Mrs Wiseman, added,“The school is at the heart of the community so sports areas and new hall will be used regularly by community groups. There will be space provided for performances and also to provide facilities to community users such as school halls/grounds for recreation and life skill groups.”

The school will remain open while the new one is built in the school grounds. Once pupils have moved into the new facility, the former one will be demolished.

Mrs Wiseman also said, “The facilities will be great for the children in terms of space. There will be an improved hall facility that will be used to share performances with our parents and carers”.