Birmingham councillor critical of development proposals

“Rubbish dump” claim over park site.

A veteran Labour councillor has launched an attack on the lack of action over what he describes as a “rubbish dump” on the site of a former historic building in his ward.

Nearly three years after grand plans were announced to convert a historic hall in Pype Hayes Park, Erdington. it remains derelict. Now Pype Hayes councillor and ex-Chair of the city’s Planning Committee Cllr Mike Sharpe visited the park and has asked city officers to look into the safety of the site, which is close to a children’s play area.

He said, “As far as I can see nothing much has changed in three years. We were promised a four star hotel and what we have is a large rubbish dump, which is a potential health hazard. Some work was done early on to improve the roofing, but since then work seems to have ground to a halt. We need an urgent update from the developer to know what his plans are.”