Year of the Lobster

Birmingham band releases politically-charged single Plebxit.

Birmingham-based reggae punk rapscallions Lobster have teamed up with renowned digital artist Malikah Holder to release an animated lyric video for their track Plebxit from the band’s highly anticipated first full-length studio album Year of the Lobster. Like many bands within the scene and nationally, Covid and lockdown took the wind out of Lobster’s sails as they saw the band’s income from gigging slowly vanish. Lobster have been active in the Birmingham scene since 2009 and are proud of their DIY attitude and work ethic.

Over the past two years, Lobster have been channelling over a decade of being a band into a body of work crafted alongside Magic Garden studio in Wolverhampton. The track Plebxit was penned in the wake of Birmingham MP Andrew Mitchell making an appearance on Channels 4’s Dispatches Politicians For Hire: Cashing In On Brexit back in late 2018. The programme was pulled hours before its initial broadcast.

As one reviewer once stated, Lobster make “serious music, for dancing feet” and in the wake of many MPs being under the microscope for second jobs and additional sources of income the song’s lyrics “MPs Gotta Hustle, Make Some Ps in the Struggle” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Mitchell has constantly voted in favour of reducing housing benefits and welfare benefits as well as voting against spending money to create guaranteed jobs for young people, but is happy to continue to find extra job opportunities for himself. The moral compass is very much for sale in Westminster. Lobster are continuing the tradition of politically-inspired Birmingham bands such as UB40 and the Beat to attack the injustice of these actions.