Oh Suzanne

Leamington date for legendary songwriter.

One of the finest, most influential and widely sampled artists of recent times will be appearing at the Leamington Assembly later this month.

Widely regarded as one of the most brilliant songwriters of her generation, Suzanne Vega emerged as a leading figure of the folk-music revival in the early 1980s. Since her debut 25 years ago she has sold over seven million albums and has been nominated for seven Grammy awards. Her song Tom’s Diner was used in the refinement of the MP3, earning her the nickname ‘The Mother of the MP3’. Tom’s Diner has since been remixed nearly 25 times (by artists including Will Smith, Tupac and Destiny’s Child).

Suzanne will be appearing at the Assembly on Wednesday 27th June. Tickets are available online or tel: 0844 478 0898.