Glass half-empty or half-full after Brewers visit?

Andy Munro watches Blues draw with Burton Albion.

This was a game that in one way, we all expected to win but in another expected to lose to a Lloyd Dyer goal. In fact it was nearly the latter but if that had come to pass, it would have made the Brinks Mat heist look like shoplifting a Mars bar from the local convenience store.

Right from the start, despite Blues’ current paucity of forwards, we battered the opposition. In doing so, we had a perfectly good goal disallowed thanks to a linesman who increasingly looked like he’d had a little flutter on Cloughie’s men taking maximum points.

Fair play to their keeper who pulled off a couple of great saves and then early in the second half, the thing we feared happened as Lloyd Dyer slotted home having been given oceans of room. Soon afterwards, Clough took off his forwards to bring on defenders as Blues threw the proverbial kitchen sink at Burton. Twice, they were saved by the woodwork and twice their keeper pulled off excellent saves. When Jutkiewicz blazed over from close in it looked like it was going to be one of those days until the same player netted with a tremendous header with just a few minutes to spare.

Next but one to me on the Tilton is a bloke who continually moans and, if we did go down, the one consolation is that he has sworn not to renew his season ticket. His glass is always definitely half-empty but mine was half-full after a decent performance that deserved a better reward.

If I did have a criticism, it’s that Jota is worth keeping in the team for his excellent offensive capabilities but, by the same token, young Wes Harding behind him, therefore, needs help through one of the central midfielders tucking in so he can go tighter on his winger. In fairness, Morrison and Deane should be taking responsibility for instructing the youngster even though his pace usually makes up for his lack of positioning experience.

Alternatively, Blues could bring back Jonathan Grounds (did I really say that??!) and move Maxim back to right back. The latter might be preferable with two hard but massive games looming away from home.