Trust grant aid for young peoples’ charity

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust funds apprenticeships for Sutton young people through Jericho Social Enterprises.

The Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust has just awarded a grant of £300,000 to the Jericho Foundation to help fund an apprenticeship programme for 10 Sutton Residents per year for the next three years, starting in January 2018.

Local Sutton Young People, up to age 29, who are not in Education, Employment or Training will be able to apply for the programme which will increase their employment opportunities, confidence and self-esteem as well as helping them to develop valuable new skills and competencies.

Opportunities for supported employment will be available across the wide range of Jericho Social Enterprises which include Catering, Construction, Landscaping, Cleaning, Print and Recycling as well as the well-known ReUsers charity shop located at the Old Depot, Norris Way close to Sutton town centre.

Ernie Murray, Chief Executive of SCCT said, “The Trust has been providing grants for apprenticeships for younger people in Sutton Coldfield since 1707 and the Trustees are delighted to have been given the opportunity to fund this hugely worthwhile programme of modern apprenticeships, which will be managed by Jericho Social Enterprises.”

Richard Beard CEO of the Jericho Foundation, said, “From the first point of contact with Jericho, we want these potential apprentices to feel valued, loved and respected – they are not facts and figures, but individuals with aspirations and potential.”

The principal objectives of Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust are to alleviate hardship and improve the quality of life for residents of the Royal Town through the provision of housing for older people of limited means and by making awards to meet needs of individuals and community organisations.

The Trust’s origins can be traced back to Tudor times. Throughout a long history it has improved the lives of generations of people in Sutton Coldfield, particularly those in the greatest need. It has sustained its core priority to alleviate suffering, while redefining and extending its benefits to reflect changing times and needs.
You can find out more about the Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust here

The Jericho Foundation is a charity which breaks down barriers in society and supports marginalised individuals to become fulfilled, skilled and employed. Jericho works with a broad variety of people who are struggling including young people, ex-offenders, homeless people, survivors of modern slavery and those with complex needs. Jericho provides employment, apprenticeships, work experience and volunteering opportunities in eight eco-friendly social enterprises. Alongside this, Jericho delivers a holistic package of support, mentoring and training which is tailored to each client’s personal needs.

Since 1993, Jericho has supported over 7,000 individuals, and over 70% of beneficiaries find sustainable employment and economic independence, enabling them to end any dependency on benefits and become an inclusive and integrated part of their local community. You can find out more about Jericho here