Sir Howard: Spy link shock horror exclusive mystery

Democratically elected

Comrade Howard Elstonovitch, our espionage reporter, on the searing questions of the day.


Jasmine from Paris asks:

“Can you just give me nine good reasons why the cynical Brits think President Putin, the democratically elected leader of Russia, is behind the spy murders?”

Sir Howard responds:

“Georgi Skripal, his daughter Yulia, Glushkov, Anna Politkovska, Yuri Shchekochikhin, Sergei Yushenkov, Berezovsky, Litvinenko, Sergei Magnitsky… Is that enough?”

Jasmine from Paris:

“Yep, that about does it, Sir Howard”.


2 thoughts on “Sir Howard: Spy link shock horror exclusive mystery

  1. Our governments do not kill those we regard as traitors without due process. Oh, except those wandering around beneath drones in the Middle East. Well, who cares about them.
    We respect the right of citizens from other countries to live here and we protect them from the the legal system in the country they may have betrayed because that country is not a lovely fair one like ours and we don’t like them either. So that’s alright. America seeks to extradite anyone they like for anything at all and we hand them over on a plate unless they hide in the Ecuadorian Embassy in which case we spend £15 million ensuring they face trial I Sweden and life imprisonment in the USA for revealing some embarrassing truths.

  2. Actually many of the names above are politicians who had the temerity to oppose Putin or else journalists who had the guts to print the truth or else entrepreneurs whose businesses the leader wanted to plunder

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