Nothing but cold comfort

Andy Munro writes about Blues’ defeat at Fulham.

Yet another zero on our away travails and despite a missed penalty, it was probably only what we deserved. Steve Cotterill is sounding increasingly desperate, even Zola-like in his post-match comments and if he’s devoid of inspiration the signs aren’t good in terms of motivating players. Even if it’s bluster, a real rallying call is needed rather than the mumblings of a man who sounds like he’s been condemned.

Perhaps the only bright spark was the inclusion of both Bramall and Dacres-Cogley and let’s hope they retain their places although the latter should be played in his rightful right back position when either Roberts or Deane return. Despite a penalty miss of Cameron Jerome proportions, I think it’s worth persevering with Boga as, in a footballing sense, he still has that ‘get out of jail’ potential. However, if they are to persevere with Jutkiewicz then to my mind they have to play Cotterill as somebody who can at least get the ball into the box with some quality. Maybe, it’s worth also giving Gallagher another run but down the middle. It’s about time for the manager to tell him to grow up into a proper centre forward. He’s 6’3 for goodness sake.

In midfield, if Blues keep Kieftenbeld and Davis in there as minders then they have to persist with Jota, the only player who can provide real vision and quality despite his less than riveting displays to date. The only other option in that midfield equation is giving Gardner another go but something has to be done in that area.

Finally, my two main grouses with Cotterill are that he firstly is obviously determined to stick with 5-3-1-1 ‘in spite of’ and secondly his complete reluctance to dip into the youth pool. Surely, he couldn’t do any worse by putting one of the youngsters on the bench. We desperately need some energy and enthusiasm if we are to stand a chance of surviving.