Austin heritage event set for weekend

Longbridge museum intended to establish record of historic factory site.

An historic reunion of the Austin Motor Co will take place at the Greenlands Social Club, (opposite Longbridge Railway Station) on the 15th December 2017, from 12.30pm onwards. The event will be open to all former Longbridge employees to come along and reminisce about their days spent at the once-famous factory.

An Austin History Roadshow exhibition will be on display with a roadshow team on hand to answer the many questions about 100 years of Austin history 1905–2005.

One of the aims of the Austin History Roadshow is to eventually open an Austin museum with a vast collection of information amassed over many years. Keith Woodfield from the Roadshow team, who worked at Austin for thirty years himself, said, “We want this history to be left for future generations and particularly Brummies, highlighting the tremendous contributions this company made in two World Wars making anything from small bullets to giant aircraft”.

For more details call Keith on 07772 928631.