Remembrance and fallen heroes

School’s fallen heroes remembered through competition winner’s films.

In January 2016, Warwickshire education company Squaducation announced a new competition for schools, My EPIC ERA. Launched as a national history-based competition, its aim was to enthuse children and help them create and develop a passion for history. And it did exactly that. Brendan Ind (cover pic) from Wycliffe School in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire was the outright winner with an incredibly moving entry, having researched and written about the lives of two Old Wycliffians who met at the school, grew up and later fought in the Great War.

Now, to mark Remembrance Day, Squaducation is delighted to re-release six of the WW1 60 second histories films that were created by winner Brendan and fellow pupil Ben Matthews.These EPIC films are once again available as a free resource that can be used by schools throughout the country and to inspire more young people to dig deeper into history.

Julie Hicks, Director of Squaducation says, “The films are beautifully simple in their format but very moving; they promote an empathy and understanding of the fears and horror the young men experienced.”

Brendan’s teacher, Steve Arman adds: “Making these sixty second history films, is a memory they will never forget and as a result will hopefully enthuse them to see the personal stories of people from the past, who have lived through a diverse set of historical events and social settings. We love the films we’ve created, we all learnt so much through doing this.”

In January 2018, My EPIC ERA competition will be launched again and it is hoped to make it even bigger and better. It’s a tough act to follow.

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