Transfer – talk or twaddle?

Andy Munro talks about the players on Blues’ radar.

It’s the silly season, with rumours aplenty and obviously it’s the Blues related ‘news’ that’s interesting me.

Currently, it appears that we are being linked with anybody over 35; Robbie Keane, Ashley Cole an so on. Thankfully Daryl Murphy (aged between 28 and 34 depending on what paper you read) has gone to Forest. Goodness knows why we were linked to him when we already have similar target men in Donaldson and Jutkiewicz.

I was a bit disappointed to see Frei out the door (hopefully for a decent fee) as he looked a decent talent on the wing but, to mix sporting metaphors, he never really got an innings. Cotterill appears to be off the radar in terms of being given an opportunity (well done you Cotterill haters) and the young talents of Otabor don’t appear to be worthy of a mention, hence the need for a wingman apparently in the expensive and slightly elderly shape of one Stuart Downing.

There’s also talk of a full back when we’ve got the able Dacres-Cogley, Nsue, Keite and Grounds. The whole thing continues to appear to be almost Bazzaesque but it seems that H wants his own team. Not unnatural but, in my view, that’s the mistake Villa made last season and may still be making. an embarrassment of riches can be just that, an embarrassment. Albion are keeping things modest while still bringing in quality and personally, apart from another goalscoring forward, I’m very happy with Roberts, Stockdale and Ndoye.

Even then I think we need a few out of the door to clear the decks for the new players. Still I’m glad that ‘Arry is in charge and I’m trusting his judgement to come good.