Sir Howard’s Big Bumper Quiz Bonanza

He’ll answer your most tricky questions.

Howard Elson reportsSue from Sheffield asks: Sir Howard, now that Chancellor Mr Hammond is trying to sell the services of Britain’s crooked thieving banks to India, what is the Prime Minister, Mrs May, doing in peace loving Saudi Arabia?

Sir Howard: Well, Sue, she’s selling armaments and weaponry and air attack missiles to the Saudis so they can protect themselves in places like Yemen.

Sue: Oh….thanks

Howard: No problem, Sue, always a pleasure-a-reenio

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4 thoughts on “Sir Howard’s Big Bumper Quiz Bonanza

  1. Good old Howard.
    Its great selling to the Saudis because they will take all our yellow dot armaments nearing their best before dates for immediate consumption. Stuff like cluster bombs. Last night a Saudi defended their use despite a UN ban by saying they were produced before the ban took effect. Otherwise they’d have to be composted.
    I do so hate waste.
    I suppose if you’re denied alcohol you have to find another outlet for your angst and bombing people seems like a reasonable alternative.
    I would certainly become homicidal if denied my Sauvignon Blanc.

  2. Do you get the feeling that May has absolutely no idea just what is happening or what will happen?

    • Just out of curiosity, can you name one person who knows what’s happening or will happen in the future?

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