The Zola Project

Andy Munro watches as Blues’ new manager continues his winless streak.

Blues again failed to secure their first win under Gianfranco Zola after a misleadingly bright start. In fairness to Zola, none of his latest batch of recruits were ready to start and initially the ‘old guard’ seemed destined to repay his loyalty. In fact, it was particularly pleasing to see him keep faith with prospect Dacres-Cogley but, despite taking the lead with a slightly fortuitous Jutkiewicz penalty, Blackburn were allowed a route back into a game that should have been out of their reach in the first half hour.

Their equaliser was predictably via the prolific Danny Graham, one of those players who’s excellent in the Championship but can’t quite cut the mustard in the Premier League, a la Tommy Mooney. The second period was nip and tuck with Blues arguably the team most likely to break the deadlock. A view not shared by their manager Owen Coyle incidentally, who is so one eyed in trotting out his repetitive mantra that he ought to wear an eye patch and have a parrot on his shoulder. In fairness, Blackburn are no pushovers despite their lowly position, as their results against Newcastle testify.

Pleasingly Gardner was influential again and him with the vastly improved Davies should be the midfield two that everything else is built around. One of the new signings, Frei, did make a cameo appearance which hinted at an exciting future. So, with another two players to come into the side, there are definite signs of the green shoots of recovery.

Of course, if money was no object, another forward in the pacey, goal poaching category would be an excellent acquisition. but that sort of player is probably on everybody’s wish list. If it’s out of our reach, maybe it’s worth recalling Jack Storer from Yeovil or putting Ronan Hales on the bench? Time will tell.