Local businesses combine to help homeless

Local businessman Stelios Hambi on how he intends to help combat homelessness in Birmingham at Christmas.

Following the death of a homeless man on December 1st in the city centre, myself and Liam Joe Blackwood from fitness company StressBox have decided to team up to give practical support to more inner city homeless people.

Our mission is to get as many homeless people off the streets around Christmas time as we can. Our crowdfunding page is here

We will be sleeping rough on the 22rd December with live social media broadcasting, giving free fitness classes, ten per cent of my Smooth Detox smoothie sales is going towards this campaign and there will be posters in shops across Birmingham showing the logos of the businesses who sponsor us with £100 or more along with the words “The Bare Necessities Campaign. Working together, getting homeless off the streets this Christmas. Thank you for allowing this to happen.”

The weather is getting colder and with crowds flooding in to the city centre to visit the German market, the run-up to Christmas is one of the most stressful times for the homeless, especially as it may bring back memories due to this being a time for being around family.

This story shows the type of weather that homeless people will also be having to contend with.

Please help us get the word out there. I am determined to help the homeless sleep in warmth this Christmas. I am working with the Inspiration Support charity in getting block bookings in hotels for the homeless, with a referral scheme to only allow the non-trouble makers and sober homeless who just want somewhere warm to sleep.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Local businesses combine to help homeless

  1. What efforts have you made with existing organisations who have the contacts and skills? eg SIFA UP4Giving, etc

  2. My high street has a collection of homeless who beg. I never give money but go into the shops and buy them food, which they always appreciate. They face alot of big problems but at least I know my offer goes into their bellies.

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