Coventry university hosts Middle Eastern film festival

Festival visits city for second year running.

The city of Coventry will once again experience the passionate cinematography of Middle Eastern film, as a movie festival supported by the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations opens at Coventry University this week.

The Festival – beginning Friday 4th March – will feature a selection of films from across the region, playing at the Square One Cinema in the Hub. The event, which is to be attended by the Lord Mayor of Coventry, has been organised by the student-led Culturae Mundi and Linguae Mundi initiatives, and it will be the second time Coventry University has hosted the festival.

The festival will begin with a short film produced by three female students from the Middle East College, Oman. Al Fahdi, Al Amri and Al Tuwaijri are award-winning photographers who have already exhibited their previous work internationally. Their short film – Culture of Oman – was shot over a three-week period and features many of the historic sites of Oman, focusing on the rich culture of the area.

The students were invited to Coventry’s Middle Eastern Film Festival after winning a multimedia competition held at the Middle East College, in which they competed against 49 other students to earn the opportunity to feature their film at the festival.

The students’ work will be followed by a selection of films and talks throughout the festival, including films such as: The Gatekeepers, Amreeka and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. All films aired at the festival cost an entry fee of £1.

For more information about the festival and to book tickets, visit