On your marks for the Great Birmingham Bun

Chef creates treat for runners.

You’ve heard of the Chelsea Bun, Bath Bun and Belgian Bun – now here’s the Great Birmingham Bun.

Created specially for the Morrisons Great Birmingham Run by award-winning chef David Colcombe, the Great Birmingham Bun is inspired by the city’s history and ethnic diversity, as well as the chef’s own childhood memories.

Ingredients include a custard filling inspired by Birmingham’s own Bird’s custard; spices and fruit representing the many Asian runners who take part every year; coconut flour to represent the Afro-Caribbean community which is always involved in the city’s half marathon.

David said: “I’ve created the bun as an energy-boosting treat, whether at the end of a long training run or on the day itself, after you’ve completed 13.1 miles and really deserve it!

“I also took inspiration from childhood memories growing up in the city; I still remember the flavours of the custard slices and sticky buns brought home by my gran at the end of her shift at the local bakery.”

David Hart, Communications Director for the Morrisons Great Birmingham Run, said: “These buns are a great idea and capture the flavour of Birmingham perfectly! They make a perfect snack before or after running, but probably not during!”

The Morrisons Great Birmingham Run is on Sunday October 18th. To sign up, visit: www.greatrun.org/Birmingham