Seeing the bigger picture

Ex-Villa captain Stiliyan Petrov survives leukaemia and now looks to raise £100,000 for life-saving research.

The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation has launched a 30-day campaign to raise £100,000 towards lifesaving research through a National “Feel-Good” campaign, The Bigger Picture (, which seeks to inspire thousands.

The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation raises funds for lifesaving research, improved patient medical care and support for families during these difficult times. It’s easy to consider the treatment of cancer to simply involve the cost of research and medical care, but actually there are other important factors to consider. The cost of travel or paying for accommodation, to stay close to their loved ones, is a heavy burden for both the patient and their family.

The foundation supports three primary organisations who fight cancer on different frontiers; University Hospital Birmingham, University College London and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. These institutions are improving stem cell transplants, drug treatments, curative gene therapy, the care for children afflicted with cancer and also the provision of accommodation to support families.

Stilyan says of this initiative, “I’ve come to understand and appreciate the way in which this disease impacts the lives of so many. It can become a very costly process for families as they require travel, accommodation, and of course the cost of medical care. I can help, and I want to help set up a foundation and we can address the issues involved when people are diagnosed with this illness.”

The Bigger Picture looks to evoke a sentiment that relates to most people and a negligence we’re all guilty of – taking the ‘little things’ in life for granted. This campaign asks us to take a step back from our busy lives, appreciate the smaller things in life and consider ‘the bigger picture’ For example, how a catch up with friends in the pub, a walk in the park with family or simply smiling at a stranger, means a whole lot more to us than we realise.

Stiliyan knows first hand how life changes drastically for those who are diagnosed with a life threatening illness and how in a split second their world is turned upside down. Those affected swiftly transform their perspective, but should it really take devastating news to appreciate life?

The Bigger Picture will reach out to the nation and encourage the public to visually capture the people, places or moments that mean the most to them. The foundation wants people to celebrate the ‘little things’ in a big way. Therefore it’s offering the chance for entrants and patrons to win exclusive prizes, such as limited edition memorabilia and exclusive rewards for those who donate. To celebrate the success of the campaign, the images will be brought together as a mosaic to build a bigger picture of everyone’s contributions.

While there’s good humour, great banter and a whole heap of goodies involved, The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for leukaemia and improving the lives of thousands who are affected by cancer every day.

Stiliyan finished his treatment in January of this year and is now in remission. The ex-Bulgarian international andVilla captain has been in his own words,“to hell and back”, likemany others, but still appreciates the little things in life. He’s now getting back into training, building his fitness, and back into winning ways playing for a Sunday League football team, Wychall Wanderers Over 35’s, who won their league cup last week.

Visit to submit your entry or donate to The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation.