Ask Howard: Did Septic Bladder take kickbacks?

Howard Elson reportsSir Howard Elston DOA answers the big question of the day.

Today: Sheree from London asks:



Q: Just how high have these FIFA kickbacks gone up the management? I mean, either Mr Bladder didn’t know about the $150 million of World Cup bribes and is incompetent or he did know about the massive backhanders  and is part of the whole criminal shebang?

A: Yes.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Howard: Did Septic Bladder take kickbacks?

  1. Bush, Blair, Berlusconi, Blatter … I sense a pattern developing. Perhaps anyone whose surname begins with B should never be in a position of power.

  2. Blatter will win today because he has the minor countries in his pocket and can’t give a toss about the Eurocentric countries like the UK, Germany, USA. He knows where the new power lies too…I kind of think he didn’t take any backhanders. He didn’t need to. He just needs power. Which he has. Very sad.

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