The Great Howard Elston Survey: Glasgow Games Finale

13 elston2-logo25Sir Howard Elston asks the pressing questions of today.

Q: Were the closing Commonwealth Games Celebrations:

A: Cheesy
B: Ludicrous
C: Saved by Kylie in a cute costume
D: Complete waste of dosh
E: A sad metaphor for an out of touch ‘Commonwealth’ culture devoid of any taste
F: A warning to any Scots person of what will happen if it votes for Independence
G: Fun

Vote now, via this site or @sirhowardelston And, remember, a lucky contributor will get a macrobiotic haggis pushed through their postbox.

One thought on “The Great Howard Elston Survey: Glasgow Games Finale

  1. Dear Sir Howard,

    from a scotsman in Ayrshire with an English name – I vote for all six sir!!

    Lookin’ forward tae ma haggis –

    Your obedient cap doffing servant,

    T McSquirm

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