‘Fight of the Millennium’ set for Eastside

Millennium Point set to host one of the world’s biggest gaming events.

The Grand Finals of VSFighting 4, featuring over 200 computer games enthusiasts, takes place on Sunday 24th August and will earn its winner a trip to the US to battle the best gamers in the world.

The event is organised by the Electronic Dojo collective, one of the most respected names in the UK’s fighting games community. The Birmingham-based team will invite gaming aces from UK and Europe to Millennium Point to flex their muscles on games such as Tekken, Street Fighter and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom. Competitors and spectators alike can enjoy the spectacle both at close quarters and on Millennium Point’s Giant Screen. The last player standing qualifies for December’s Capcom Pro Tour Cup Finals in San Francisco, and scoops a prize package of San Francisco flights, accommodation and £1,000.

Justin Xavier of Electronic Dojo, said: “Our gaming events have come a long way from five years ago, when a few of us challenged each other over Mortal Kombat. Now, we’ve reached the stage we need a big, ambitious venue to deliver the best experience possible for our seasoned and rookie gamers. Pair Millennium Point’s Atrium with the Giant Screen, and we have that ideal venue. If you’re into fighting games, and you want to take on the best, this is going to be an unmissable event.”

Neil Anderson, Director of Marketing & Communications at Millennium Point, said: “The gaming industry is an unheralded phenomenon of this country – huge revenues are generated by the UK’s talented games developers, the games themselves generate huge levels of anticipation and gaming events such as VSFighting attract massive interest. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this excitement to Millennium Point, especially on a scale that is unprecedented in Birmingham.”

For event information and tickets to see VSFighting 4 on Sunday 24th August, visit www.vsfighting.com. For those interested in future gaming tournaments, visit www.electronicdojo.co.uk.