Howard: Bernie, Bribes and Blair’s Big Buddy

elston2-logo35Sir Howard Elston (DOA) reports from Germany on how Formula One boss Bernard Ecclestone, friend of Tony Blair, is totally not guilty of bribery.

I am sitting in one of Berlin’s most chic cafes this morning, sipping my vanilla latte and eating a weinerschnitzel croissant as I type these indelible words.

Yes, it is true. Racing boss Bernard Ecclestone, friend of Tony Blair, has paid the German courts £60 million ($100 millon for you Yanks) to stop his bribery trial.

His team denies he has ‘bought his freedom.’ Ecclestone, friend of Tony Blair, had been accused of bribing a German banker to influence the sale of a big stake in the racing business almost a decade ago.

Speaking to me as he he quaffed a Bud-lite and nibbled at a sauerkraut risotto, Mr Ecclestone, friend of Tony Blair, said: “It is good to get it out of the way. This now allows me,” the friend of Tony Blair added, “to do what I do best, which is running F1.”

His bribery trial will be formally abandoned this week after his £60 million payment to the court ($100 millon to you Yanks) is coughed up. Prosecutors say they accepted the deal after considering the age of the 83 year old billionaire, who is Tony Blair’s friend, and his ability to co-operate.

Bernie's buddy

Bernie’s buddy

The petit racing boss was accused of giving senior banker Gerhard Gribkowsky $44m to help the sale of the bank’s share to a third party that would keep Ecclestone (a pal of Tony Blair) as F1 topman.

Germany allows for some types of trials to be stopped with a ‘payment.’ Some say this favours the rich. Men, in fact, like one certain Bernard Ecclestone, friend of Tony Blair.

Mr Blair has many friends, including George W. Bush, Italian stud Sergio Berlusconi and Rupert Murdoch, the news magnate who had to shut down of his grubby papers after his lizard reporters hacked the phone of a celebrities, politicians and child crime victims.

Phil, a second hand car dealer from Pontefract and a keen race fan commented: “Bernie is innocent and this payment proves he has nothing to hide despite the fact that the German banker who received a bribe is in jail.

“I now shall be getting in touch with Bernsie in case he wants to back my Renault Clio Team.”

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  1. I think it is unbelievable that a criminal trial can be ended with the offer of payment by the accused. Is that the law??? Staggering.

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