Local politician backs anti-female violence bill

Prospective Parliamentary candidate condemns violence against women.

Local domestic violence campaigner, Victims Champion and Labour’s candidate for the Birmingham Yardley constituency has backed a proposal to introduce a bill to help tackle violence against women and girls. If successful in next year’s general election, Labour have pledged to introduce legislation to help protect victims of domestic and sexual violence, make the criminal justice system more effective at bringing those who commit violent acts against women to justice and do more to teach young people about healthy, respectful relationships.

The bill will include the following measures:
– A new Commissioner for domestic and sexual violence who will work across Government making sure the needs of victims are reflected in Government police
– Making sex and relationship education compulsory and updating the content for the 21st century so we tackle online safety and online exposure to pornography too
– Publishing domestic abuse and sexual violence performance tables for every police force across England and Wales to shine a light on poor performance and raise standards
– Stronger action to protect people online, including the issue of ‘revenge porn’ and blackmail using sexual images

Jess Phillips, speaking at Labour’s Launch of the Women’s Safety Commission and in backing the Bill said: “If people in this city had seen what I have seen they would see tackling violence against women and girls should be front and centre in every political parties manifesto. Last week I was dealing with a women in Acocks Green who is at the end of a two year journey of horror trying to break free. She is living separately from her children for their safety and hers. She has been threatened with death and terrorised for decades, her perpetrator walks free. I want every parent reading this to imagine being forced to separated from your children for their safety. That is why I am backing this bill.

“I want to challenge my opponent and the Tories and Liberal Democrats in government what are they going to do to see tougher action to stop those who commit violent acts against women and girls. That is what this Bill does, but we need a Labour government to enact it. Only the Labour Party is putting women centre-stage.”