Local MP supports medical research Bill

“Unlock access to lifesaving breast cancer drugs” call.

Breast Cancer Campaign has launched its ‘Unlock drugs’ campaign to put a spotlight on the fact that there are barriers preventing lifesaving, low-cost drugs from being routinely available.

The campaign is in support of a Private Members Bill which aims to address a major issue which is currently preventing existing drugs from being licensed for new purposes, even when there is clear evidence of their effectiveness.

Roger Godsiff MP is supporting the campaign, which specifically highlights that drugs which could be used to prevent breast cancer developing and potentially reduce the chances of it spreading are not routinely available for those that could benefit from them.

The MP for Hall Green said: “This is a really urgent issue and one that affects thousands of women in the UK each year. It is vital that these low-cost drugs become routinely available for patients who could benefit from them and I am therefore supporting Breast Cancer Campaign’s ‘Unlock drugs’ campaign to take action for all those affected by breast cancer both locally and across the country. I hope that many others will take part in this important campaign to show their support.”

Mia Rosenblatt, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Breast Cancer Campaign, added: “It’s incomprehensible that there are low-cost, effective treatments out there which are not routinely available to patients because of red-tape. Bureaucracy is preventing potentially lifesaving drugs from being made routinely available to the thousands of women who could be eligible for them. This campaign is a real opportunity for us to change the law, but we urgently need help and support to make it a reality and to guarantee that women affected by breast cancer are given the very best treatment options available.”

For more information about how to get involved in the ‘Unlock drugs’ campaign, please visit www.breastcancercampaign.org/unlockdrugs