Herb courses available at Martineau Gardens

Grow and use your own medicines.

Martineau Gardens in Edgbaston is hosting a new one day course to encourage people to grow their own herbs to make home-grown treatments for common health problems. The course, entitled The Herb Patch – growing and using your own medicines takes place on Saturday 28th June, 2014, from 10am until 2.45pm, and costs £35.

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Providing an introduction to the natural, healing properties of common herbs that can be grown easily in the garden or in containers, the course will focus on six herbs that all grow in abundance at Martineau Gardens: Calendula (annual pot marigold), Lemon balm, Peppermint, Nettles, Sage and Thyme. Course participants will learn how to grow these plants and find out what the plants’ medical actions on the body are. For example Lemon balm, as well as making an enjoyable drink, helps to settle stomach discomfort and calm anxiety. Following a practical session of harvesting the herbs from the beds at Martineau Gardens, students will get make treatments and in some cases, taste them .

The course is led by retired Medical Herbalist, Nicola Peterson (National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). Nicola now has more time to be involved in passing on some of the herbal knowledge acquired during her thirty-plus years as a practitioner.

Martineau Gardens, is a therapeutic community garden with two and a half acres of organically maintained landscape that is open every day (except Sunday) for the public to visit for free (except for events and courses). Volunteers look after the Gardens under the supervision of Stewart Holmes, the Therapeutic Horticulturalist.

Caroline Hutton, Director of Martineau Gardens said: “Courses like this are an opportunity for people to take a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle; being able to grow your own plants whether in a container on the windowsill or in a garden is enormously rewarding, convenient and saves you money.”

Nicola Peterson, Course Tutor said: “Just about all human cultures at all times in history have depended on plants as a major source of remedies for all their health problems. Many easy-to-grow plants can provide safe and effective natural treatments. Gardening is a pleasant and healthy activity, and making medicines from herbs is straightforward, costs little and leaves no pollution afterwards. It’s important to me that this knowledge is kept alive and used.”

The course takes place at Martineau Gardens,27 Priory Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B5 7UG, on Saturday 28 June, 10am – 2.45pm. Places are limited, cost £35 and advance booking is essential. More information via 0121 440 7430 or www.martineau-gardens/courses.