Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Terry Wills waxes lyrical over the classic musical’s latest revival.

Without question , for those of a certain age Hollywood’s MGM studios produced a series of movies that would stand the test of time, never too be equalled. For proof, many were pounced on by theatre companies, sensing that once transferred to the stage they would become smash hits.

This optimism was justified. During the past fifty years there has been a succession of revivals enabling people of all ages to enjoy many of these productions.

So to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the New Alexandra Theatre, a show that lived up to my memories, and expectations. It’s a simple, yet  story. Seven unkempt, scruffy brothers living in absolute squalor led by Adam (Alex Hammond) who rules the roost.

He decides he needs a wife, travels to a township, manages to convince Milly (Helena Blackman) to marry him and travel to her new home for what she assumes will be a different lifestyle. That it certainly is! She discovers he has six brothers who need to radically change their ways in company with her own.

Until 8th Februrary.

The brothers duly recognise they also need women in their lives, travel to the township where Milly lived and kidnap six attractive girls, who after initial protests, realise they do love the particular brother that had abducted them.

The townsfolk are outraged, determined to exact revenge on the brothers, but cut off by an avalanche of snow they know it will take months before they can travel to the outback and rescue the girls. Who wins out when the inevitable confrontation tales place? No prizes for guessing the correct answer!

It’s simple to describe this production, A sheer delight, a blaze of colour, wonderful synchronised energetic dancing. A clever innovative smooth changing set, conveying a unique backdrop of  various locations. Each  of the 25-strong cast convey the sheer joy, and pleasure’ of appearing in such a wonderful all singing, all dancing musical touring revival of the show .

Among the songs are Bless your Beautiful Hide, Goin’ Courtin’, Sobbin Women and Wonderful, Wonderful Day,  each sung with gusto and enthusiasm. Congratulation to the Alex for giving patrons the opportunity to see this classic. In April yet another must see -‘West Side Story – takes centre stage here. Miss it at your peril!