Drivers And Vehicles Wanted for Charity Mountain Challenge


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Van drivers are wanted for a sponsored 3 Peak Challenge when fundraisers will climb Snowdon in Wales, Scafell Pike in The Lakes and Ben Nevis in The Highlands.

All cash raised will go to the medical charity Ammalife, which this site sponsors, to help maternal health care worldwide.

The marathon scramble is being organised for the weekend of June 14th and 15th by a group of Birmingham University medical students. It is the second time they have done the challenge.

They have the climbers. But now could use more drivers.

Matt Goldring, one of the organisers, said: ‘The weekend is free. Both food and petrol are included. I supply you with the 9 seater Mercedes.’

He added: This year the driving time is set at 11 hours to make the challenge harder. There is around 1000 miles of driving and we’re especially looking for anyone with vans or Landrovers who can fit more than 5/6 in the car to cut back on costs.

‘Lat year we raised £3000. Now we want to raise more.’

So, you can drive for a whole week-end right through Britain, sleep whenever you can catch it, deal with aching walkers, and end the sojourn tired, cramped- and fulfilled.

‘The challenge is to walk it fast but not to drive it fast. All drivers are in pairs so if you get tired, you can switch off and have a snooze.’ said Matthew.

Each vehicle will have two drivers and 7 climbers. If you are behind the wheel, you will be on the road from Saturday morning to the Sunday night.

Contact Matt Goldring at for further details or to sign up to drive.

More on the challenge:-

And if you want to know about Ammalife, which is based at The Women’s Hospital in Birmingham, log on to:


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