The Elston Interview: Tim Yeo Sits Down With Our Reporter


HOWARD ELSTON (DOA), our political supremo, interviews MP Tim Yeo as he steps down from a powerful select committee following revelations over his controversial links with energy lobbies.

Howard Elston (DOA): Mr Yeo, you are stepping down as chair of the Commons energy and climate change select committee. Any thoughts?

Mr Tim Yeo, MP: Yes, it is for the good of the nation..the nation that I serve so selflessly.

HE: The furore seems to be about allegations that  you also serve the energy lobby, maybe a little too assiduously.

TY, MP: Yes, to ensure the smooth running of the committee,  I have created vital national-interest links with important elements of the energy sphere and that is for the good of this great nation that I serve so selflessly  at Westminster.

HE: Let’s look at the links with the energy world. You have…

TY, MP: I have created vital links with the energy sphere for the sake of the nation…this great nation of ours.

HE: According to The Sunday Times, which taped you secretly about how you coach witnesses to your committee, you are non executive chair of AFC Energy and earned £118,000 since June 10

TY, MP: Yes, in order to serve this great nation of ours, it is important to know more about AFC’s development of fuel cells. The only way to do this is to be non exec chair.

HE: And your role of former chair of Eco City Vehicles with earnings since June 10 of £83,000 and £52,000 of shareholdings according to the paper…

TY, MP: Yes, in order to carry out my Commons committee work, it is essential to offer Londoners an energy alternative to black cabs. I am doing it for the nation and this great capital, this world capital, of ours.

HE: And then there is the £116,000  that The Sunday Times said you earned since June 10 at TMO Renewables as chairman.

TY, MP:  My role there is important for the people of this great nation of ours to learn more about biofuels.

HE: Tim Yeo, thank you very much and good luck with your constituency work in South Suffolk and we hope you resume the chair of the select committee which earns you another £14,000 on top of your MP’s salary.

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