Parklife the Play

One fine morning, St.Philip’s Cathedral (Pigeon Park), in the centre of Birmingham. Everywhere’s people, milling about, getting about their business, at home in their city . . . or maybe not.

Park Life


Welcome to Pigeon Park, right here in the centre of Birmingham, in between the iron railings of the churchyard of St.Philip’s Cathedral, home of . . . well, the pigeons. And people of course. All sorts of people.

It’s lunchtime, and pigeons and people are all nibbling away, tucking into the sandwiches of their lives, thinking about what’s happened this morning, and what might just be happening later. Chewing everything, over and over again, hoping that things will finally make that bit more sense; even that maybe, one day, they won’t always have to be part of the parklife that is Pigeon Park . . .

Incisive, devised, engrossing, verbatim Theatre, in touch with the pulse of our everyday lives; part of the inamoment Theatre Company’s ongoing Brum Beats project, created by and for people who live, work or play in Birmingham.

Part of the Birmingham Fest

Old Joint Stock Theatre
4 Temple Row West, Birmingham, B2 5NY
12 & 18 July (9.00pm), 20 July (3.00pm)
TEL: 0121 200 0946
Ticket Prices £7 (£6)

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