Howard Scoop: Murdoch and Putin In Love Tryst


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HOWARD ELSTON (DOA) with a world beating exclusive on Vlad and Rupert’s love entanglement

Russian hunk Vlad ‘The Lad’ Putin and Ozzie media king Rupert Murdoch have both ditched their wives to set up home together, I can reveal.

In an explosive turn of events that will rock this planet to its very hot metal core, the men have come out and announced they are to marry.

Rupert told me today from his yacht off the coast of Minorca: ‘I love Vlad. He’s   200 pounds of Slavic fun who really twiddles my thumbs.’

And Vlad, attired in a baby blue jumpsuit and fondling an AK-47, added: ‘Roop’s the biz.’

‘Like, our marriages to our wives are Splitsville. But him and I are stepping out.’

Roop: Love tryst

Roop: Love tryst


Both men hit the headlines this week when it was announced that their respective households  had collapsed. This brought out the despicable tabloid press who tracked the lovers down to a bar in Clinton, New Jersey where Vlad was sipping a double mint frappe and Mr Murdoch was  downing a tinnie of Fosters Lager.

‘We were caught in the media eye’ Vlad stated with that sexy Russki accent of his.

‘And we thought,’ admitted Roop, ‘Well, it’s let’s come out.’

Love expert Phil from Leeds, who is also a second hand car dealer , commented:

‘They’ll make a great couple and I thought something was up when they visited my fabulous dealership’s  forecourt looking for that perfect car.’

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