From the Bunny ‘ill t’ Puddin’ Rock

An afternoon of Black Country story and song celebrating the experiences of ordinary people with extraordinary stories will be taking place at The Public in West Bromwich on Thursday 16 May 2013.


The Public

The Public

From the Bunny ‘ill t’ Puddin’ Rock, acknowledges the traditions of our region through story, song and image.  After a successful show in October 2012, musician Laurence Hipkiss and writer Brian Dakin, who perform together as Black Country singer songwriters Billy and Lozz, now return to the West Bromwich venue for an afternoon of entertainment.

The show contrasts the humour of working class life with the struggles of the region’s working classes. The title comes from the place where Lozz grew up as a boy and serves as the platform for this journey through time.  Throughout the show, the Black Country duo will be joined by actor Louise Stokes, who will be performing monologues written by Tipton writer, Robert Warrington.

Lozz says: “To some, Barnford Park’s Pudding Rock is a conglomerate rock outcrop belonging to the Enville Formation which was probably formed just short of 300 million years ago. To others, such as me and my mates, it was far more important! When we were kids Pudding Rock was at the centre of our world. From a game of football to playing on the swings, it all happened in the shadow of Puddin’ Rock.  At the other end of the park there is another much smaller hill which is still known locally as the Bunny Hill.  That was the meeting point for all us local kids. On long sunny summer days that’s where we’d all meet up and the piece of land “From the Bunny ‘ill t’ Puddin’ Rock” is where all our adventures began.”

From the Bunny ‘ill t’ Puddin’ Rock will take place at The Public on Thursday 16 May at 2pm.  Tickets are £3 and are available from or by calling 0121 533 7161.